The desire to tackle sickle cell anemia by the O5 initiative and bring succor to the lives of warriors (pet name for identifying those living with sickle cell anemia) has led to the establishment of at least a sickle cell clinic in each local government area of the state. So far, over twenty three sickle cell clinics and a referral centre have been established with world class equipment to help tackle the menace of sickle cell anemia.

The O5 Initiative places special emphasis on combating sickle cell disorder which is an enormous public health issue that confronts Nigerians in the 21st century and has been a challenge to us especially in Delta state.

The curtailing of sickle cell disorder burden in our community is far more difficult than dealing with acquired diseases. It is easier for local and state governments to engage in and achieve a measure of success in rolling back malaria but the control of a genetic disease such as sickle cell disorder is more subtle.

Several challenges have been present. Due to ethical, religious, and ethical issues in genetic counseling, people are apprehensive of genetic programs. They are still very ignorant on issues such as knowing their genotype.

The 05 initiative instituted the idea of free health care under the Delta state Contributory Health Insurance Scheme specifically to help warriors who can barely meet their financial medical bills. Well spirited individual contribute a minimum of seven thousand naira per warrior annually.

It is good to know that in four years, over six hundred and eighty-nine warriors were successfully enrolled and have accessed medical care in various centres across the state.


  1. Agbor
  2. Ughelli
  3. Sapele
  4. Kwale
  5. Oleh
  6. Koko
  7. Eku
  8. Patani
  9. Otu jeremi
  10.  Orereokpe
  11. Isseleuku
  12. Umunede
  13. Ogwashi uku
  14. Akwuku igbo
  15. Ibusa
  16. Okwe (upgraded)
  17. Warri
  18. Obiaruku
  19. Burutu
  20. Bomadi
  21. Oghara
  22. Ozoro
  23. Aboh