Flood, a natural disaster leaving devastating effects across the world, felt in Nigeria and dragging its woes through the riverbanks of Delta State down to the Atlantic. The effects of these annual flooding are eroded with magical wand of limitless charity, leading this rescue mission was the 05 Initiative.

Smiling faces, joyful moments and happy hearts, bubbled through the various Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps immediately the train of the 05 Initiative berthed- which is always the first charity organization to visit flood victims across the state and beyond.

Since its establishment in 2015, Dame Okowa’s 05 Initiative just as the Northern Star, was consistent in giving succour to flood victims with messages of hope, gifting of various food stuff, clothes, household items and cash to enable them quickly reintegrate into a happy life.

Through sustained support of her partners, the 05 Initiative reached over 5.000 families across the three senatorial districts affected by flood.

The 05 Initiative powerfully driven by prayers and riding on the mantra of Matthew 24:35-36, had been supportive to the SMART and STRONGER Agenda of the Governor Okowa’s led-government by reaching out to the grassroots in the state.