The International Day of the Family is celebrated by the 05 Initiative every year. It is an occassion where couples from all walks of life gather together to celebrate and listen to wise counsel from different speakers they also share ideas on how to lead successful family life.

Rooted in the belief that healthy and resilient couples contribute to vibrant communities, this initiative provides a supportive space for couples to connect, communicate, and thrive together. It is expected that by addressing challenges and celebrating successes, the initiative seeks to create an environment where couples can flourish and contribute positively to the fabric of society.

These were the themes for each year

  • Healthy Family Breeds Healthy Society – 2016
  • Families as Nation Builders – 2016
  • Contemporary Family Issues and God’s Counsel for Marriage – 2017
  • Naked and Not Ashamed – 2018
  • The Cross, the Answer – 2019
  • God’s Original Plan for Marriage – 2020
  • The Home and the Mystery of Unity – 2021
  • Integrity in Marriage – 2022

Key Objectives:

  1. Communication Workshops: The program offers interactive workshops focused on effective communication strategies. Couples engage in open dialogue, learning to express themselves, listen empathetically, and navigate challenges constructively.
  2. Relationship Enrichment Seminars: To enhance understanding and connection, the initiative organizes seminars on relationship enrichment. Topics include intimacy, trust-building, and strategies for maintaining a healthy balance between personal and shared goals.
  3. Counseling Services: Recognizing that every relationship faces unique challenges, the initiative provides confidential counseling services. Professional counselors offer support, guidance, and strategies for couples navigating difficulties, fostering a sense of trust and resilience.
  4. Community-Building Events: The program facilitates community-building events where couples can connect with others, share experiences, and build a supportive network. These events create a sense of belonging and reinforce the importance of healthy relationships within the broader community.
  5. Parenting Workshops: Understanding the impact of parenting on relationships, the initiative conducts workshops addressing the dynamics of parenting as a team. This includes strategies for effective co-parenting, managing stress, and fostering a nurturing family environment.