Globally, one in every three women or girls experienced violence in their life time, and every three hours, one of them does not survive the trauma.

It is against this backdrop that the Campaign supported by the United Nations began on 25th November, 1991. The 05 Initiative in conjunction with other Non-Governmental Organizations organized rallies and seminars to create awareness on the need to stop all forms of GBV

The Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence is driven by a profound mission to break the silence surrounding GBV and empower individuals to stand up against such acts. The 05 Initiative firmly believes that no one should ever have to endure abuse or discrimination based on their gender, and the campaign is committed to shaping a safer, more equitable future.

Key Objectives:

  1. Awareness and Education: The campaign aims to raise awareness about GBV by conducting educational programs, workshops, and seminars. These initiatives provide communities, schools, and individuals with the knowledge and tools to recognize, prevent, and report GBV.
  2. Support and Counseling: Recognizing the importance of providing support to survivors of GBV, the initiative offers counseling services and resources for individuals who have experienced such violence. Trained professionals are available to provide assistance and guidance.
  3. Advocacy and Policy Change: The campaign actively advocates for policy changes that address and combat GBV. By working with governmental bodies and legal authorities, the initiative strives to create a more just and responsive legal framework.
  4. Community Engagement: To create a collective movement, the campaign engages with local communities, encouraging dialogue, support networks, and solidarity. By involving community members, the campaign fosters a sense of responsibility for creating safe environments.
  5. Prevention and Intervention Programs: The initiative promotes proactive measures to prevent GBV, including workshops on healthy relationships, consent, and conflict resolution. Intervention programs are also available to help individuals in volatile situations seek safety and support.

The 05 Initiative collaborates with a wide range of partners, including other NGOs, governmental agencies, law enforcement, healthcare providers, and community leaders. By forging strong partnerships, the campaign combines efforts and resources to effectively combat GBV at all levels.

The success of the Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence is measured not just in statistics but in the stories of survivors who find the strength to speak out, the communities that become safer, and the policies that change to protect the vulnerable. The initiative aims to create a world where individuals can live free from the specter of gender-based violence.