The Duty of Mankind Is to Please God & Help Humanity

The 05 Initiative was organized with a mandate to offer relief and hope to many lives through its various programmes, covering healthcare (Sickle Cell and the Free Grassroots Medical Outreach), women empowerment, prison outreach care for orphans and community development.


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Years of foundation

From inception till date, the O5 Initiative has fulfilled its mandate to feed the Hungry, Care for the sick, Provide Shelter for the Homeless, Clothe the Needy, and Visit those in Prison.

Providing Shelter

Offering refuge to the homeless, we provide safe shelters, support, and empowerment, rebuilding lives one person at a time. Join us in creating a community where everyone has a place to call home

Medical Help

Bridging gaps in healthcare, we extend healing hands to the underserved. With compassion and expertise, we bring medical aid to those in need. Join us in ensuring a healthier, brighter future for all

Clean Water

Quenching the world's thirst for change, we bring clean water to the parched corners of our planet. Through sustainable solutions, we strive to end water scarcity, promoting health and hope. Join us in the mission for a hydrated, resilient future


Empowering minds, we bridge educational gaps by providing access to quality learning and essential supplies. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for all, ensuring every child has the tools they need to thrive. oin us in building a world where education knows no bounds.


Together we are helping people in need

Together with over a thousand volunteers and an impressive
number of donors, The 05 Initiative provides food, clothing and medicine
to people in Ukraine as well as to refugees.

Join hands with us in the relentless pursuit of compassion. Together, we are the heartbeat of change, helping people in need find hope, dignity, and support. Your partnership fuels our mission to create a world where no one is left behind.  Solidarity in these difficult times is the most impressive
sign of humanity!

our work

Introducing our campaign

The 05 initiative instituted the idea of free health care under the Delta state Contributory Health Insurance Scheme specifically to help those who can barely meet their financial medical bills with emphasis on sickle cell treatment and sensitization.  

The Maternal and Children Micro T Nutrient Supplementation and Mass D-Worming…

The Maternal and Children Micro T Nutrient Supplementation and Mass D-Worming…

The Maternal and Children Micro T Nutrient Supplementation and Mass D-Worming…


Your Time Can Change A Life

Step up, stand out! Become a volunteer and play a crucial role in shaping a better, more compassionate world.


What people are saying about our work

At 05 Initiative, our mission is to address fundamental human needs with compassion and commitment. We strive to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, provide shelter for the homeless, care for the sick, and visit the prisoner. Through these initiatives, we aim to create a more equitable and compassionate world, one where every individual is afforded dignity, support, and the opportunity for a better future

Our vision is “To change our world one person at a time” this reflects a commitment to creating a positive impact on individuals, recognizing that meaningful transformation begins at the personal level. Our vision implies a focus on the empowerment, well-being, and upliftment of individuals, understanding that by positively influencing individual lives, the 05 Initiative aspires to contribute to broader positive change in the world. As a foundation we emphasize a grassroots, person-centric approach to making a difference in our various communities and in the society as a whole.

Our biggest inspiration comes from Jesus instruction “I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in. Naked, and you clothe me: I was sick, and you visited me: I was in prison, and you came to me” These words encourages us at 05 Initiative to embody a spirit of service, reaching out to the vulnerable and marginalized members of society with kindness and support, reflecting a commitment to social justice and human welfare.

Goals & Strategy

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Learn about the organization’s key goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress.

Meet The Team

Dame Edith OKowa
Founder 05 Initiative
Joan Onyemaechi
Board Member
Oghenekevwe Agas
Director General
Mary Diden

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